Pet Mod [Gen 1] Burgundy Version - Slate 6: Back to Basics

1. Sneasler: Probably the most balanced mon in the slate
2. Smeargle: Probably the second third most balanced mon in the slate
3. Breloom: Parasect but good
4. Talonflame: I forgot we have stadium crits, I love the concept
5. Klawf: Rock type with a great typing for rby standards
6. Gastrodon: People say it is broken because of amnesia, but Bulbasaur has a 35.9% chance to 0HKO it with razor leaf
7. Braviary-Hisui: It' the first Psychic type mixed attacker that doesn'tjust boom or hbeam alongside having 3 more weaknesses, so i believe it'll balance itself
8. Armaldo: Klawf but slightly better defensive typing
9. Lunatone: It's cute
10. Medicham: This actually probably the second most balanced mon in the slate, but it's not as funny as everyone else above it
11. Abomasnow: I just want this to become a threat so more people end up using fire as a typing
12. Golisopod: The fact it doesn't get pump makes it more balanced in my eyes, and this thing is basically better Kingler, except it can't break reflect mons, so I am in
13. Piloswine: I am a fan of gen 2 UU and I know what this thing can do
14. Frosmoth: Budget Articuno, it's fine but the fact it is that slow probably means it will need specific teams to work in
15. Wyrdeer: Two best types in the game
16. Lanturn: Gastrodon but better coverage and less weak to autocrits
17. Scovillain: First pokemon I place here that I already believe is too much, but I believe it's the funniest of the three
18. Arctozolt: Same as above but scarier dual STAB
19. Centiskorch: I think Beedrill will be the most balanced bug pokemon we'll get, but this one has double trapping moves
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6. Gastrodon: People say it is broken because of amnesia, but Bulbasaur has a 35.9% chance to 0HKO it with razor leaf
252 SpA Charmander Flamethrower vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Genesect: 376-448 (132.8 - 158.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252 SpA Igglybuff Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Urshifu: 472-556 (138.4 - 163%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Geodude Rock Slide vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Ho-Oh: 424-504 (102.1 - 121.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

shit i guess genesect, ushifu, and ho-oh are actually not broken after all since they're OHKOed by LCs

On a serious note, Amnesia + Recover is Broken. Gastrodon will force a razor leaf user onto every team if it's added, which restricts teambuilding so much. It's the opposite of what we're aiming for here. Especially with phazing moves and haze being terrible (no hazards to exploit phazing means they're probably still bad), there's no way you can stop this thing.
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Ema Skye

  1. Talonflame
  2. Braviary-Hisui
  3. Abomasnow
  4. Klawf
  5. Scovillain
  6. Houndstone
  7. Absol
  8. Medicham
  9. Breloom
  10. Shiinotic
  11. Lanturn
  12. Latias
  13. Lunatone
  14. Smeargle
  15. Araquanid
  16. Armaldo
  17. Slither Wing
  18. Golisopod
  19. Hawlucha
  20. Centiskorch
  21. Piloswine
  22. Coalossal
  23. Frosmoth
  24. Arctozolt
  25. Azumarill (Skipper)
  26. Ariados
  27. Toedscruel
  28. Skeledirge
  29. Kingdra
  30. Wyrdeer
  31. Sneasler
  32. Misdreavus
  33. Togetic
  34. Banette
  35. Serperior
  36. Azumarill (Turtlek)
  37. Kartana
  38. Wugtrio
  39. Magcargo
  40. Cradily
  41. Gastrodon
  42. Shedinja


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  1. Sneasler
  2. Talonflame
  3. Armaldo (#ARMALDOSWEEP)
  4. Absol
  5. Scovillain
  6. Abomasnow
  7. Breloom
  8. Lanturn
  9. Houndstone
  10. Shiinotic
  11. Frosmoth
  12. Slither Wing
  13. Araquanid
  14. Latias
  15. Arctozolt
  16. Braviary-H
  17. Medicham
  18. Hawlucha
  19. Piloswine
  20. Skeledirge
  21. Kingdra
  22. Azumarill (skipper)
  23. Lunatone
  24. Golisopod
  25. Banette
  26. Wrydeer
  27. Centiskorch
  28. Kartana
  29. Misdreavus
  30. Serperior
  31. Smeargle
  32. Klawf
  33. Cradily
  34. Toedscruel
  35. Ariados
  36. Togetic
  37. Azumarill (turtlek)
  38. Coalossal
  39. Wugtrio
  40. Gastrodon
  41. Magcargo
  42. Shedinja
1. Medicham
2. Abomasnow
3. Arctizolt
4. Wyrdeer
5. Absol
6. Houndstone
7. Talonflame
8. Araquanid
9. Sneasler
10. Shiinotic
11. Klawf
12. Armaldo
13. Lanturn
14. KIngdra
15. Lunatone
16. Braviary-Hisui
17. Piloswine
18. Smeargle
19. Scovillain
20. Breloom
21. Centiskorch
22. Toadscruel
23. Latias
24. Coalossol
25. Azumarill (SKIPPERGAMEZ)
26. Ariados
27. Slither Wing
28. Banette
29. Serperior
30. Skeledirge
31. Azumarill (Turtlek)
32. Magcargo
33. Cradilly
34. Gastrodon
35. Kartana
36. Wugtrio
37. Shedinja
Latias: Fun addition, lack of twave and worse typing might make it struggle compared to alakazam and starmie tho
It's meant to be a sidegrade. Key advantages it has include not being deathly afraid of Zapdos (unlike Starmie), actually outright beating the thunderbird most of the time if it has Blizzard, having enough physical bulk to not die to non-critical explosions (unlike Alakazam), even without Reflect (as well as being FAR more comfortable taking on Tauros, since it needs more than a little bit of chip before being put into Hyper Beam range, not to mention a speed tie). It disadvantages are that it is generally worse than either of Zam or Starmie at taking the Ice moves that are flying around everywhere (thus making it harder to bring in) and its worse speed (it only speed ties with Tauros rather than outspeeding it like Starmie and Zam).

Also Latias should have Thunder Wave, as it does naturally get it. It not being in the movepool list is an error that I, embarassingly, did not catch.

Anyway, for my own list...

  1. Sneasler
  2. Klawf
  3. Latias
  4. Armaldo
  5. Talonflame
  6. Braviary-Hisui
  7. Abomasnow
  8. Scovillain
  9. Houndstone
  10. Absol
  11. Medicham
  12. Breloom
  13. Shiinotic
  14. Lanturn
  15. Lunatone
  16. Smeargle
  17. Araquanid
  18. Slither Wing
  19. Golisopod
  20. Hawlucha
  21. Centiskorch
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1. Araquanid. Cool bug with good resistances and high power that is kept in check by Chansey.
2. Slither Wing. Own submission.
3. Sneasler. Own submission.
4. Klawf. Rock Mon with STABless Water Move looks funny.
5. Skeledirge. New ghosts are always welcome.
6. Frosmoth. Own submission.
7. Armaldo. Another bug that works like Snorlax counter, without being too passive like Porygon.
8. Centiskorch. Own submission.
9. Abomasnow. Big fan of Mons with no Stats above 100 but unique typing that make them viable.
10. Talonflame. Interesting concept of a Mon with the crit thing.
11. Banette. Own submission.
12. Lanturn. This Mon was present in the Midele Red game, and at least in-game, was a big threat due to Amnesia. Not having recovery moves balances it.
13. Kingdra. Own submission.
14. Magcargo. I don,t think it will be broken with 2 quadruple weaknesses that are very common. Its also slow, so will require big support to succeed. Will surely fit into the meta.
15. Lunatone. Another Psychic that explodes, but this one actually switches into opposing explosions too.
16. Golisopod. Only down here because Araquanid is also in the slate and I like it more. On its own, a very cool Mon for the meta.
17. Houndstone. This is similar enough to the Parasect I tries last slate and the Banette I am trying in this one.
18. Latias. I hate legends in modern Gens, but RBY actually has too few and this one is very cool with Recover.
19. Arctozolt. Decent enough, though its slow and kinda walled by Chansey.
20. Toedscruel. Almost broken, but with enough weaknesses to balance it.
21. Cradily. Very fun wall, but might be too annoying to break even for me.
22. Skovillain. Ok Mon with nice STABs combination. Down here because that STABs are the only things going for it.
23. Medicham. Never liked this Mon in modern Gens, but probably can succeed in RBY.
24. Serperior. Really annoying Mon and at the same time, unreliable due to being likely to miss.

From here every Mon is not following a 100% serious order.

25. Braviary Hisui. Ok Mon, just a little boring, being another Psychic.
26. Wyrdeer. This one is interesting, but the meta doesn,t need more Psychics and Normals.
27. Coallossal. Could be higher, but I like Magcargo more.
28. Shiinotic. No, I don,t like a Psychic with Spore, Thunder Wave and Amnesia at the same time, just too many options.
29. Piloswine. Would be higher if it was a Mamoswine. I don,t think Mamoswine Stats would be broken.
30. Breloom. Might be broken with Spore + SD + 130 base attack.
31. Kartana. Latias and Slither Wing look more interesting as new legends.
32. Hawlucha. Directly competes with my Sneasler (and Slither Wing too), that's why its so low.
33. Absol. The only complain I have here is the Mon itself. I wouldn,t include Pure Darks, Fairy or Steel Mons and drastically changing entire typings. Part types are cool (like Ferrothorn if it was included instead of Kartana), but full pure types don,t fit for me.
34. Azumarill (Turtlek). Probably even with 149 Attack is too weak.
35. Ariados. Lots of bugs were presented, this is just the worst of them unfortunately.
36. Togetic. Softboiled is literally the only relevant niche it has.
37. Smeargle. It has ruined every Meta in which it has been relevant with the most cancerous strategies possible, I am not giving him chances here.
38. Wugtrio. Really bad.
39. Azumarill (Skippergamez). Even worse than the other Azu.
40. Midreavus. Looks passive.
41. Gastrodon. Looks really broken with the only one weakness, having Amnesia + Recover, unlike Magcargo, which has many and worse Stats.
42. Shedinja. We can all agree that a 1 HP Mon prior to Adv is the worst submission.


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Bro wanking da hell out of their subs ^

1. Medicham
2. Skeledirge
3. Latias
4. Kartana
5. Hawlucha
6. Kingdra
7. Lunatone
8. Toedscruel
9. Lanturn
10. Abomasnow
11. Talonflame
12. Scovillain
13. Sneaseler
14. Araquanid
15. Breloom
16. Machamp
17. Houndstone
18. Arctozolt
19. Klawf
20. Piloswine

Everything else is too weird to consider.

Ema Skye

Some new life was detected on the Burgundy Island. You took some photographs and presented them to Professor Mulberry, who got in contact with other professors. It turns out some Pokemon on Burgundy Island have been seen in other regions, and this is a huge scientific breakthrough!

Stats: 75/125/100/70/45
Typing: Rock/Bug
Movepool Changes: +Universals, +Reflect, -Body Slam
Justification of Changes: Reflect + Rest will allow Armaldo to fulfill a defensive role, similar to snorlax. Removing Body Slam ensures it won't completely replace snorlax due to the devensive sets now being helpless against Alakazam and Starmie, since it can't threaten Paralysis.

Description: Another SD user, but this one might be able to escape the realm of the D-ranks thanks to an amazing typing for RBY standards. It'll have a normal resistance without a weakness to ice or ground, making it an excellent Tauros check. It can either be used as a SD user with a set such as SD + Earthquake + Rock Slide + Hyper Beam or it can be used as a defensive mon, using a set similar to one you would see Reflect Snorlax running.

Bide, Cut, Dig, Double Team, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Harden, Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Low Kick, Mimic, Rage, Reflect, Rest, Rock Slide, Sand Attack, Scratch, Screech, Seismic Toss, Slash, Strength, String Shot, Substitute, Swords Dance, Toxic, Water Gun
Stats: 90/92/75/92/60
Typing: Grass/Ice
Movepool Changes: +Universals

Description: This terrible typing is not terrible in RBY when almost all of its weakness are completely irrelevant, while the resistances are important! It also gives Abomasnow access to two STAB 110 BP moves which is completely unresisted outside of pure fire types, none of which are relevant in OU. The main set will probably be a growth set (keep in mind razor leaf isn't boosted tho) but if you're feeling extra spicy, you can go for an SD set coming off a great physical movepool and a respectable base 92 attack stat.

Bide, Blizzard, Body Slam, Double Team, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Flash, Growth, Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Leech Seed, Leer, Light Screen, Low Kick, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Mimic, Mist, Rage, Razor Leaf, Rest, Rock Slide, Skull Bash, Solar Beam, Stomp, Strength, Substitute, Swords Dance, Take Down, Toxic
Stats: 60/100/85/85/100 (Mega Stats)
Typing: Fighting/Psychic
Movepool Changes: +Universals, -Reflect, -Counter
Justification of Changes: Reflect might make it too hard to break on the physical side considering it has the same physical bulk as Starmie and recover. Removing counter also prevents Medicham from just cheesing a physical attacker.

Description: My attempt at making a good fighting type in RBY. Medicham is a fighting type without a psychic weakness. Although it's STABs are both resisted by Psychics, it's not completely inept defensively against them as opposed to other fighting types. Although it's not as strong as other fighting types, it's the second-bulkiest after Machamp, and recover gives it a lot more longevity. Meditate could also make it a dangerous sweeper if left unchecked.

Bide, Body Slam, Confusion, Double Team, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Fire Punch, Flash, Headbutt, High Jump Kick, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Light Screen, Low Kick, Meditate, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Metronome, Mimic, Night Shade, Psybeam, Psychic, Rage, Recover, Rest, Rock Slide, Seismic Toss, Strength, Substitute, Swift, Take Down, Thunder Punch, Toxic

(Couldn,t find a sprite that worked)

Stats: 80/130/60/80/120
Typing: Fight-Poison
Movepool Changes: + Bide, + Mimic, + Toxic, +Double Kick, +Jump Kick, +Submission, +Sludge, -Fire Punch, -Rock Slide
Justification of Changes: First 3 moves are required. Next 4 are actual STABs, otherwise it would only have Low Kick. Fire Punch makes littler sense on this specific Mon, who comes from a cold region. Rock Slide makes more sense, but I wanted to keep it balanced and allow Reflect Articuno to somewhat check it.
Description: My goal was to make a Mon that viable used the Poison STAB, regarded as the worst typing in RBY, even though it only uses it for only one Mon (Exeggutor), unless we buff or get new viable Bugs (Bug is weak to Poison in Gen 1). Sneasler is incredibly fast, as fast as Alakazam. If it gets a free SD, it can sweep entire teams, at +2 these Mons die (some are just rolls) from Sludge, Hyper Beam or Jump Kick:
-Alakazam (Speedtie), Starmie (Hyperbeam roll), Tauros, Chansey, Snorlax (Jump Kick roll), Exeggutor, Dewgong, Flareon, Victreebel (Hyper beam roll), Lapras (Jump Kick roll), Jynx, Persian, Jolteon, Hypno (Hyper beam roll).
Sounds impressive and maybe, broken, right? However, it has big downsides. Defensively, Fight-Poison is terrible, Sneasler has big troubles setting up, Psychic from any Mon OHKOs it, Thunder Wave cripples it, a lucky Fire Blast burn absolutely destroys and Earthquake is a common move too. At the same time, at +0 it doesn,t OHKO anything, even Persian lives one Jump Kick from full. Even at +2, the mere existante of Gengar terrifies Sneasler, since its a full counter outside of Dig. Other than Gengar, Alakazam speedties, newly buffed Aerodactyl outspeeds and smashes hard with Drill Peck and EQ and Jolteon, while dies from +2 Hyper Beam, can at least paralyze Sneasler before that happens (or even put a surprise Reflect strat). Other Mons that survive +2 hits and are capable of either crippling or KOing Sneasler are:
-Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Aerodactyl (already mentioned), Slowbro, Cloyster (93% max damage), Rhydon (92% max damage, almost always OHKOs back), Golem (99% max damage, doesn,t OHKO back with EQ often from full, but does with Boom), Nidoqueen, Nidoking (I believe both to be viable with Lovely Kiss) and Machamp (newly buffed, has Glare and EQ).
So, all in all, Sneasler offers 2 unique typings and is a high risk, high reward Mon, destroying the most common OU Mons if they let him to set-up, but still with enough counterplay from lesser used Mons

Full Movepool:
Agility, Bide, Counter, Dig, Double Kick, Hyper Beam, Jump Kick, Leer, Low Kick, Mimic, Quick Attack, Rage, Rest, Scratch, Screech, Slash, Sludge, Substitute, Submission, Swift, Swords Dance, Take Down, Toxic
Stats: 78/81/71/74/128 [432/506 BST]

Movepool Changes: +Bide, +Rage, +Drill Peck, +Double Edge, +Focus Energy, -Swords Dance, -Solar Beam, -Fire Spin
Justification of Changes: Special is equal to its higher Sp Attack. Gains Universals, Drill Peck for physical STAB, and Double Edge since it uses recoil moves in the regular games. I'm buffing its base speed by 2 points and giving it Focus Energy so it can have 100% Crit Rate. GF used to be weird about giving Flying types SD, and giving Fire types Solar Beam, so I'm taking those away. Removing Fire Spin to differentiate it from Moltres more, (also 100% Crit PT seems like a bit much).
Description: Revenge Killer/Cleaner with Focus Energy. Has a slightly better time against Rock types than Zapdos does, as Fire Blast Crit is a 3HKO, and it can burn them; however it does take 68% minimum from a Burned Rhydon's Rock Slide sooo...
:talonflame: Fire Blast vs. :Tauros: on a critical hit: 261-307 (73.9 - 86.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:talonflame: Drill Peck vs. :Tauros: on a critical hit: 153-180 (43.3 - 50.9%) -- 3.5% chance to 2HKO
:Tauros: Blizzard vs. :talonflame: : 168-198 (46.7 - 55.1%) -- 70.6% chance to 2HKO
:Tauros: Hyper Beam vs. :talonflame:: 199-235 (55.4 - 65.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:talonflame: Hyper Beam vs. :Chansey: on a critical hit: 505-594 (71.8 - 84.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:talonflame: Drill Peck vs. :Chansey: on a critical hit: 404-475 (57.4 - 67.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:Chansey: Ice Beam vs. :talonflame: 173-204 (48.1 - 56.8%) -- 91.5% chance to 2HKO
:talonflame: Fire Blast vs. :Snorlax: on a critical hit: 273-321 (52.1 - 61.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:Snorlax: Ice Beam vs. :talonflame: 127-150 (35.3 - 41.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
:Snorlax: Hyper Beam vs. :talonflame: : 212-250 (59 - 69.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:talonflame: Fire Blast vs. :Exeggutor: on a critical hit: 354-416 (90 - 105.8%) -- 38.5% chance to OHKO
:talonflame: Drill Peck vs. :Exeggutor: on a critical hit: 328-386 (83.4 - 98.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:Exeggutor: Psychic vs. :talonflame: : 138-163 (38.4 - 45.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
:talonflame: Hyper Beam vs. :Starmie: on a critical hit: 204-240 (63.1 - 74.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:Starmie: Blizzard vs. :talonflame: : 211-248 (58.7 - 69%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:talonflame: Hyper Beam vs. :Alakazam: on a critical hit: 291-342 (92.9 - 109.2%) -- 56.4% chance to OHKO
:Alakazam: Psychic vs. :talonflame: : 148-174 (41.2 - 48.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
:talonflame: Fire Blast vs. :Rhydon: on a critical hit: 165-194 (39.9 - 46.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
burned :Rhydon: Rock Slide vs. :talonflame: : 245-288 (68.2 - 80.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Agility, Bide, Double Edge, Double Team, Drill Peck, Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Fly, Focus Energy, Growl, Hyper Beam, Peck, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Rest, Solar Beam, Substitute, Swift, Swords Dance, Tackle, Take Down, Toxic

Additionally, their pre-evolutions will be joining the format.

:sneasel:-Hisui, :meditite:, :snover:, :anorith: and :fletchinder: will be joining UU. :fletchling: will be joining NU.

We're going to enter a brief discussion phase while we prepare for the next slate.
Some new life was detected on the Burgundy Island. You took some photographs and presented them to Professor Mulberry, who got in contact with other professors. It turns out some Pokemon on Burgundy Island have been seen in other regions, and this is a huge scientific breakthrough!

Additionally, their pre-evolutions will be joining the format.

:sneasel:-Hisui, :meditite:, :snover:, :anorith: and :fletchinder: will be joining UU. :fletchling: will be joining NU.

We're going to enter a brief discussion phase while we prepare for the next slate.
I like the little lore bits whenever the winners are announced.
Abomasnow is in a weird spot, as it was designed for RBY OU where only Zapdos and Rhydon carry SE STAB moves to hit it, yet it was discovered along side 4 other mons that all have at least one SE STAB move. Too bad it never found a way onto the Kanto mainland on its own...

Sneasler and Talonflame are gonna be fighting with Jolt, Aero, Zam and Persian for teamslots as fast Revenge Killers. We'll see if they can carve out a niche in a crowded field, but they have an uphill battle as neither of these 2 have great defensive utility. Despite their notable weakspots, they both have deadly setup options that turn them into scary cleaners. Don't give either of these a free turn, you will likely regret it.

Medicham and Armaldo both look well suited to succeed. If Recover can bring Porygon into viability, I can't imagine that Medicham can't find a place with it.

Armaldo can really slow down Tauros ability to make progress, so much so that The Bull might want to consider using Rock Slide in place of EQ
:Tauros: Earthquake vs. :Armaldo: 73-86 (20.6 - 24.3%) -- guaranteed 5HKO
:Tauros: Rock Slide vs. :Armaldo: 110-130 (31.1 - 36.8%) -- 74.6% chance to 3HKO (54.38% after Accuracy)
Edit: Nevermind, Tauros doesn't get Rock Slide until much later gens lol. It does have Surf tho, so maybe it replaces Blizzard or Earthquake depending on what else it wants to hit.
:Tauros: Blizzard vs. :Armaldo: 86-102 (24.3 - 28.8%) -- 99.7% chance to 4HKO
:Tauros: Surf vs. :Armaldo: 137-162 (38.8 - 45.8%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
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Ema Skye

:octillery: Slate 3: Interesting Manoeuvre :heracross:

Your study of Sneasler, Talonflame, Armaldo, Medicham and Abomasnow suggests that Pokemon in Burgundy may be further departed from mainland Kanto. Not only do they exist on their own alongside Pokemon from Kanto, it appears they are capable of new moves that have not been seen in the mainland. Perhaps this is why they have not been successfully acclimated into Kanto-at-large.

Slate 3 is a smaller one than the last two, and hopefully allows for enough time for Dragonheaven to finish its Gen 9 update (so we can with play the chaos we've inevitably created!). This is a move slate. A few notes first off:
  • There are two options: you can sub updates to existing RBY moves, or you can sub moves from new generations.
  • Despite the lore above, moves aren't limited to our five winners and can be given to any Pokemon.
  • Physical/special split exists and cannot be altered
  • Moves with status as added effects cannot inflict the status on Pokemon on the same type
  • Moves that are clones of each other can be added together and will be treated as one sub.
And specific notes move buffs:
  • please be mindful of the existing learnset for the move. Work with what you have instead of overhauling it.
For adding new moves:
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to limit move effects to ones that exist in RBY or can be reasonably adapted to the metagame. Exceptions can be made. Check with council first if you have an idea.
  • please try not to overhaul the existing move and instead work with what you have
  • Any move on the veto list below cannot be subbed
Pre-Subbing Veto list:
  • U-Turn, Volt Switch, Flip Turn, Parting Shot, Baton Pass, Shed Tail, modern Teleport [pivoting moves don't exist in RBY]
  • Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web [hazards don't exist in RBY]
  • Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, Hail, Snowscape, Grassy Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Misty Terrain, Electric Terrain, Gravity, Tailwind, Lucky Chant, Trick Room, Magic Room, Wonder Room [field effects don't exist in RBY]
  • Revival Blessing [too powerful given how RBY does stats]

Base Power:

Slate 3 will go on for about a week and we'll try to do a sub review in the meantime before the veto post.

Also please welcome Gastlies to the council!
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Name: Will-O-Wisp
Type: Fire
Bp: ---
Acc: 90%
PP: 15 (24)
Effect: Burns the target.
Distribution: :growlithe::arcanine:Arcanine, :charmander::charmeleon::charizard:Charizard, :gastly::haunter::gengar:Gengar, :magmar:Magmar, :mew:Mew, :moltres:Moltres, :vulpix::ninetales:Ninetales, :ponyta::rapidash:Rapidash, :fletchling::fletchinder::talonflame:Talonflame, :koffing::weezing:Weezing
Description: Burn is cool and has some cool uses so I find it worth adding. As Yoshiblaze once said
Burn is pretty awful in Gen 1, so having a move that just does that is pretty unimpressive, but burn still has some merit, notably neutering Tauros in case a lot of your team gets paralyzed, which makes it absolutely certain that it can't clean up, and being able to burn physical attackers that are immune to Thunder Wave or don't care about being slower like Armaldo, Rhydon, and Snorlax. Just be careful using it so you don't accidentally burn a Chansey
Name: Bite
Type: Normal
Bp: 20
Acc: 100%
PP: 20 (32)
Effect: Hits 2 times. Each hit lowers the target's Def by 1.
Distribution: Old Distribution + :rattata::raticate:Raticate
Description: Tear Apart is a cool breaking tool.

Name: Jungle Healing
Type: Grass
Bp: ---
Acc: ---%
PP: 10 (16)
Effect: Heals the user by 25% of its max hp. Removes the user's status (Haze).
Distribution: :paras::parasect:Parasect, :tangela:Tangela, :bulbasaur::ivysaur::venusaur:Venusaur, :bellsprout::weepinbell::victreebel:Victreebel
Description: Healing & Status curing is very cool and can be beneficial for pokemon that dislike getting statused.
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Move: X-Scissor
Type: Bug
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15 (max 24)
Effect: Nope
Learnset: :beedrill: :sandshrew: :sandslash: :paras: :parasect: :scyther: :pinsir: :kabutops: :mew:
Description: A GOOD BUG MOVE…
should Sneasler get it? It makes it unstoppable if able to out speed Alakazam or Starmie
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Move: Tri-Attack
Type: Normal
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10 (max 16)
Effect: 20% chance to paralyze, freeze or burn
Distribution: The same as before (maybe remove from some special attackers)
Description: An alternative to slam for those mons who can't learn it (mainly :porygon:, :fearow: and :magneton:) with very little overlap with slam, the main mon who can run this over slam is :dodrio: and maybe :dugtrio: (I guess new :clefable: too). Given RBY mechanics this move can freeze ice types and burn ice types, but can't affect normal types.

Move: Air Slash
Type: Flying
Power: 75
Accuracy: 95%
PP: 15 (max 24)
Effect: 30% chance to flinch
Distribution: :articuno: :butterfree: :charizard: :dragonite: :farfetch:golbat: :mew: :moltres: :pidgeot: :pidgeotto: :pidgey: :scyther: :venomoth: :zubat:
Description: A flying type move for those mons that lack drill peck (:aerodactyl: was given drill peck)

Move: Wood Hammer
Type: Grass
Power: 100
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15 (max 24)
Effect: 1/4 recoil
Distribution: :abomasnow: :bellsprout: :bulbasaur: :exeggcute: :exeggutor: :gloom: :ivysaur: :oddish: :paras: :parasect::snover: :tangela: :venusaur: :victreebel: :vileplume: :weepinbell:
Description: We got stadium recoil, so grass types get a recoil eq

Move: Dragon Breath
Type: Dragon
Power: 60
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20 (max 32)
Effect: 30% chance to paralyze
Distribution: :aerodactyl: :arcanine: :charizard: :charmander: :charmeleon: :dragonair: :dragonite: :dratini: :growlithe: :gyarados: :horsea: :lapras: :mew: :onix: :seadra:
Description: Try stopping this para chance

Move: Parabolic Charge
Type: Electric
Power: 65
Effect: User recovers 50% of the damage dealt
Distribution: :electabuzz: :electrode: :jolteon: :magnemite: :magneton: :raichu: :voltorb:
Description: These guys can now work better with defensive sets, mainly looking at jolteon, electabuzz and raichu

Move: Freezing Glare
Type: Ghost
Power: 90
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10 (max 16)
Effect: 10% chance to freeze
Distribution: :abomasnow::arbok: :articuno: :cloyster: :dodrio: :doduo: :dragonair: :dragonite: :dratini: :ekans: :gastly: :gengar: :golbat: :golduck: :haunter: :horsea: :mankey: :marowak: :meowth: :ninetales: :persian: :primeape: :rhydon: :rhyhorn: :seadra: :shellder: :sneasel:-hisui :sneasler: :snover: :tangela: :tentacool: :tentacruel: :zubat:
Description: I wanted to add pokemon xd's shadow chill, but this is a close enough replacement for that idea, ghost is a very bad offensive move in gen 1, it's typeless vs everything but the ghosts and normals and psychics, who are immune to it, this can at least give interesting coverage to some mons alongside a unique way to freeze
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I made a template:
[b]Base Power:[/b] 
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Move: Snore
Type: Normal
BP: 100
Acc: 100%
PP: 24
Effect: User must be asleep.
Distribution: :abomasnow::aerodactyl::eevee::mew::persian::snorlax::tauros:
Description: Users can activate Sleep Clause without effectively being put out of commission. Doesn't invalidate sleep as a strategy; users are still turned into switch-in fodder for the likes of Gengar, Rhydon, and Armaldo, and the opportunity cost of running Snore over coverage or utility is significant.
- Body Slam
- Hyper Beam
- Snore
- Blizzard

- Reflect
- Snore
- Toxic
- Rest

Move: Curse
Type: Ghost
Base Power: --
Accuracy: --
PP: 8
Effect: Raises Atk and Def by 1 stage, lowers Spe by 1 stage.
Distribution: :Golem::snorlax::tauros:
Description: Turns user into a wincon. 8 PP mandates that the move be played sparingly. Opportunity cost is also a major factor.
- Curse
- Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Rest / Self Destruct

- Body Slam
- Hyper Beam
- Earthquake
- Curse
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Ema Skye

Move: Thunder
Type: Electric
Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 70
PP: 16
Effect: 30% chance to paralyze (up from 10%)
Distribution: same as before
Description: This gets a lot more mileage out of the move, letting it spread paralysis much more often as a further tradeoff for the the accuracy drop. Given how bulky everything is, the paralysis comes into play a lot (see GSC).

Move: Vicegrip / Karate Chop / Poison Tail
Type: Bug / Fighting / Poison
Base Power: 55
Accuracy: 95
PP: 40
Effect: High critical hit ratio (100% crit if user has >63 base speed)
Vicegrip: :kingler: :pinsir: | :krabby:
Karate Chop: :machamp: :primeape: :electabuzz: :magmar: | :machoke: :machop:
Poison Tail: :arbok: :nidoqueen: :nidoking: | :ekans: :nidorina: :nidoran-f: :nidorino: :nidoran-m: (removed from Sneasler)

Description: A viable Bug, Fighting and Poison move in one. Lots to love here! They're Razor Leaf clones instead of Slash clones due to being real offensive types for those that have the speed (sorry Machamp).

Move: Sharpen
Type: Normal
Base Power: 0
Accuracy: 100
PP: 48
Effect: Raises user's Attack and Special
Distribution: :electrode::porygon: :onix: | :voltorb:
Description: A unique mixed attacking option. Is pretty cool for our new Onix, boosting both its Blizzards and its Explosions in one move. Porygon turns possibly into a unique mixed Normal as well, though it likely needs some stats to really sell the idea. Electrode gets a similar boost to Onix here, allowing it to catch Grounds in a catch 22.

Move: Glare
Type: Normal
Base Power: 0
Accuracy: 100
PP: 48
Effect: Paralyzes the opponent (cannot paralyze Ghosts)
Distribution: :charizard: :golbat: :magneton: :fearow::arbok: | :charmeleon: :charmander: :zubat: :magnemite: :spearow: :ekans:
Description: Grounds, beware! Not only does this heavily boost accuracy from 75%, it gives some Pokemon that heavily struggle with Grounds a way to punish their switchins.

Move: Self-Destruct / Explosion
Type: Normal
Base Power: 200 / 250
Accuracy: 100
PP: 8
Effect: User is KOed.
Explosion: :golem: :electrode: :weezing: :muk: :cloyster: :gengar: :onix: :exeggutor: :mew: :magneton: | :graveler: :geodude: :voltorb: :koffing: :grimer: :shellder: :haunter: :gastly: :exeggcute: :magnemite:
Self-Destruct (that doesn't get Explosion): :snorlax: :mewtwo: :wigglytuff: :primeape: | :jigglypuff: :mankey:
Description: fun buff from Gen 2. lets magneton deal with grounds and it sounds funny on tuff and ape

Move: Skull Bash / Sky Attack / Solarbeam / Razor Wind
Type: Normal / Flying / Grass / Normal
Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 100
PP: 8
Effect: Charge turn 1 and attack turn 2. On turn one, raises Atk (Skull Bash), Def (Sky Attack), Spec (Solarbeam) or Spe (Razor Wind)
Distribution: unchanged except for:
Sky Attack: :gyarados:
Solarbeam: :rapidash: :beedrill: :porygon: :kangaskhan: :lickitung: | :ponyta:
Razor Wind: :seadra: | :horsea:
Description: Meteor Beam clones sound pretty cool. Makes them more useful than they are now. Thought a Fire with Solarbeam would be interesting and Rapidash is the first RBY Fire to learn it (Gen 3 TM). Violet Version did Sky Attack like this and Gyarados was really cool with it.
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:gs/charizard: :gs/blastoise: :gs/venusaur:
Move: Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon / Frenzy Plant
Type: Fire / Water / Grass
Base Power: 150
Accuracy: 90
PP: 8
Effect: Takes a turn to recharge unless it KOes an opponent
Distribution: Blast Burn: :charizard:|:charmander::charmeleon: Hydro Cannon: :blastoise:|:squirtle::wartortle: Frenzy Plant: :venusaur:|:bulbasaur::ivysaur:
Description: Starters get hyper beam clones that they get in later gens. Not much else to say

Move: Pin Missile
Type: Bug
Base Power: 25
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20
Effect: Hits 2-5 times
Distribution: :beedrill::jolteon::scyther:
Description: wow look a good bug move what an original concept anyways, this makes pin missile as strong as its modern variation. Basically a direct upgrade from twineedle now since the weakest pin missile is as strong as twineedle. Also gave move to scyther because it sucks so this might make it suck less

Move: Belly Drum
Type: Normal
Base Power: 0
Accuracy: --
PP: 16
Effect: +12 ATK, halves HP. +2 ATK if HP is below half.
Distribution: :snorlax::charizard::clefable::poliwrath::marowak::slowbro::lickitung:| :charmander::charmeleon::clefairy::poliwag::poliwhirl::cubone::slowpoke:
Description: It's belly drum! Probably worse than it was in GSC since drummers have a lot less longevity due to lack of leftovers or heal bell.

Move: Draco Meteor
Type: Dragon
Base Power: 150
Accuracy: 90
PP: 8
Effect: -2 Special
Distribution: :dragonite::mew:|:dratini::dragonair:
Description: The legendary Draco Meteor is here! Base power is now 150 due to the downside now lowering your special defense as well. This gives dragonite an insanely powerful dragon move that is completely unresisted.

Move: Freeze-Dry
Type: Ice
Base Power: 55
Accuracy: 100
PP: 8
Effect: Hits Water-Types super effectively. Freeze Chance Removed
Distribution: :cloyster::lapras::dewgong::vaporeon:|:seel::shellder:
Description: Freeze-Dry! Power has been nerfed tremendously such that a super-effective freeze dry is weaker than a neutral blizzard, so I don’t think it’ll be broken. 8 PP also means starmie can PP stall with recover spam despite being weak to the move. Also can’t cheese with a freeze since the freeze chance was removed.
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Move: Lucky Chant
Type: Normal
Base Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 20
Effect: Prevents the user from receiving critical hits until switched out.
Distribution: :raichu: :wigglytuff: :clefable: :vileplume: :exeggutor: :lapras: :eevee:
Description: Instead of being a field effect, Lucky Chant now functions like Reflect / Light Screen. Helps certain Pokémon get around critspammers like Persian.

Move: Pounce
Type: Bug
Base Power: 50
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Effect: Reduces the target's Speed one stage.
Distribution: :butterfree: :beedrill: :raticate: :parasect: :venomoth: :scyther: :pinsir:
Description: Bad Bug move that's on par with the best extant Bug moves and has better distribution. Secondary effect is also fun.

Move: Shadow Claw
Type: Ghost
Base Power: 70
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15
Effect: High critical hit ratio.
Distribution: :sandslash: :dugtrio: :persian: :primeape: :gengar: :mew: :armaldo: :sneasler:
Description: Slash is an incredibly strong move. Shadow Claw is a Ghost-type Slash. This is balanced out by the fact that the two best types in the game, Normal and Psychic, are completely immune to it. It gives a way to hit Gengar and not much else, though the neutrality to Rock helps Persian too.

Move: Acid Spray
Type: Poison
Base Power: 40
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Effect: Harshly lowers the target's Special.
Distribution: :arbok: :golbat: :parasect: :victreebel: :muk: :weezing: :tangela:
Description: Broken side effect for very bad Pokémon, plus Victreebel and Tangela, who can both be pretty menacing with it.

Move: Meteor Beam
Type: Rock
Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 10
Effect: Turn 1: Raises the user's Special. Turn 2: attacks.
Distribution: :clefable: :onix: :starmie: :omastar: :kabutops: :aerodactyl: :armaldo:
Description: Here's a weird one. Two-turn move with no method of speeding it up (extremely bad) but two very good effects (Special boost + high-damage Rock move).

Move: Low Kick
Type: Fighting
Base Power: -
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Effect: Base power varies based on the target's weight.
Distribution: :primeape: :machamp: :rapidash: :hitmonlee: :electabuzz: :magmar: :mew: :medicham: :sneasler:
Description: Low Kick is now an okay Fighting move distributed to several things that need either STAB or a niche, but mostly this means Sneasler can't be completely obnoxious with paraflinching.
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Move: Smelling Salts
Type: Rock
Base Power: 75
Accuracy: 85%
PP: 8
x2 damage to paralyzed target, cures non-paralysis status from target.
Distribution: :golem: :primeape: :mew: :kangaskhan:
:Sandslash: and all fossil pokemon other than Aerodactyl.
Description: Strong endgame move that hits as hard as Hyper Beam, but can awake or thaw out those targets.
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Move Name - Aqua Jet
Typing - Water
Base Power - 40
Accuracy - 100
PP - 24
Effect - Usually goes first.
Distribution (whole evolution line unless otherwise stated) - :blastoise:, :golduck:, :tentacruel:, :dewgong:, :cloyster:, :kingler:, :seadra:, :seaking:, :gyarados:, :kabutops:, :dragonite:, :armaldo:
Justification - Priority moves are a really interesting concept in RBY, and as such, I decided that Aqua Jet was a fitting choice. Water is a solid offensive typing and this gives it another layer of utility.

Move Name - Brick Break
Typing - Fighting
Base Power - 75
Accuracy - 100
PP - 16
Effect - Destroys screens
Distribution - :beedrill:, :charizard:, :dragonite:, :golem:, :hitmonchan:, :kabutops:, :kangaskhan:, :machamp:, :magmar:, :pinsir:, :primeape:, :raichu:, :sandslash:, :scyther:
Description - A real Fighting-type move! WOW! Brick Break gives many Fighting-types a much needed reliable STAB attack that also boasts nice utility in breaking Reflect, which can be crucial versus Snorlax, Chansey, and Armaldo.

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